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Saturday, September 29, 2012


You can find someone who is really very good as a life partner and even have more than one in your life. But then how do you really know for sure? 

The following assistance to ensure your relationship results: 


Express wishes and why want it? 

You must have clarity not only about what you want from love, but what they want in life with your partner. Immediately after knowing it, you'll sure have been in a relationship with a purpose and a clear vision as to what your relationship with him. Determine the criteria will help avoid difficulties involved with someone who is not suitable for you. 


Measure your romanticism 

Although it sounds trite, make a list of your ideal match expectations. Fill in with the wishes of the perfect pair, special, but realistic. The more you know what works for you, the easier to catch the moment when he could walk with you. 


Love yourself 

There is an old saying says: "You will not be happy until you're happy people themselves." This will not only help when you meet someone new, but also help you start a relationship at the right time. 


Be the best 

Love is not just looking for someone who will make you happy. Will produce the best match-maybe someone will make you a happier person and more productive. 


The best way to find true love is a smart choose someone and clear why you choose it. 



Laughter Can Making Love 


The way you laugh, can make other people like and feel like love. Therefore, the smart-pandailah laughter. 

So said relationship experts and advice. He said, if you're trying to attract the attention of the opposite sex, try to laugh. Because, laughing it plays an important role in a relationship. 


Jo-Anne Bachorowski, assistant professor of psychology, Maria Smoski, and Michael J. Owren, a professor from Cornell University, found that people have varying sound of laughter. 


Not only that, a study conducted on 120 students of Vanderbilt University, is known, was the sound of laughter can draw people's attention. If we can process them, laughter can cause a feeling of love. 

"Of course, the sound of laughter depends on gender. But the attraction is determined that the situations and conditions and the environment - including who is invited to laugh," said Bachorowski. 


"We are seeing, laughing very effective - such as eye gaze. And in fact, without realizing it, many people are using tricks to laugh to show the emotional condition and how to respond to something," he added. 


Makes people so crush 

In fact, laughter is more than just flavor discussion. We can use laughter to control the emotional state of a person - and yourself, of course. And in fact, many people are attracted to his smile. 


"If people are interested in the generosity of your smile, then you can make it more interested in - or mediocre contrived, set the tone and intonation with laughter." 


That said, if you're female, then the best way to rip the man's defense is to laugh at rather high tone with hand movements around the chest. 


In contrast to men. That said, women are more attracted to men who know how to suppress the voice to sound lower tawanya. With a sound more 'civilized', men can reduce the negative thoughts against women. 



10 Tips Finding and Maintaining Relationships 

1. Do not fall in love with one of the most potential. Too many men and women who are choosing or staying in the relationship with the expectation that others will change. 

Be honest and be yourself and ask: "Can I love this man by the fact that they are now without hope of change?" if not, find another. 


2. Do not turn lust. In a sense the rush, people have a sexual relationship will create an intimacy that one, which will go a disappointment. 

Set aside time to create a genuine emotional connection and leave a passionate sexual relationship grows. 


3. Do not ignore the desperation to have a relationship. For example, if he makes a statement like "I did not implement its commitment to the truth," Believe in him. 

Ask yourself, "Is this person ready to be emotionally and situsioanal?" (People tend to spend more time to his hobby and a new partner). 


4. Do not assume your friend is "physically" knowing what you want and need. 

Take responsibility for your feelings and mutual need of each other. This will avoid conflict and emotional relationships in between you. 


5. Thank your partner for what it is. When the couple entered the stage of the honeymoon, they often feel satisfied with each other. 

Continue to do romantic things with each other in all relationships, not only in its early stages. For example, make a "date night" once a week. 


6. Be empathetic to your partner. You plan to set aside some time and look your partner to understand his thinking. Understand the feelings of your partner and mensyahkan not mean you have to agree with them. If this does not mean you have to submit to your own needs. Often, feelings of understanding will mean more to you than a true partner, or win the battle. 


7. Focus on what you like about your partner and what they do with the truth-instead of their offense. 


8. Love you back. People who love you back. You will not be involved with someone who will love you. 


9. You do not feel you are walking on eggshells. If you have a strong feeling in your stomach, it is not love, unless you're trying to get approval. 


10. A healthy relationship will improve self-esteem. 


To obtain a harmonious relationship, each partner should be to expose themselves. Healthy relationship occurs when both partners feel safe to express themselves on their own actually. 



Say It with Flowers ... 

Say it with flowers, is that we often hear the phrase to express something to someone. Bungalah always represented our feelings to someone we love. 

Kegenerasi generation, who always loved women often receive a gift of flowers. Interest as part of the flora is a symbol of life and beauty, so when you receive, women are not only felt shaking and honored, they feel beautiful and very special. Giving flowers on a loved one will improve your sense of love, and make it still very significant in your life. 

Generally, interest is given in the special atmosphere and to apologize, but the best time for interest is when there is no reason whatsoever. If you buy flowers just because you want to know that you love and memikirnya continues, it will be more impressed, and honor more than ever. Core giving "surprise" (in an environment that is not party) will add a new atmosphere in your relationship.

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