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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Balance Your Mind

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes feel happy and sometimes we feel sad or angry. Well, I'm sure the first answer you'll give is that the events around us affect our emotions.
Actually, when you really think about it, its not the events or our surroundings that affect our emotions, its how we accept the events surrounding us. Our attitude towards them.
If a loved one dies we would be devastated. But if we see that death is something unavoidable. If we understand that if we are born we must die. If we understand that death is part of life, part of nature, then what would your emotions be towards the event of death.
Similarly, we must accept that a gain in life is also not something we should be jumping around in felicity. Being happy is good. Yes enjoy the moment, but understand that someday it will slip away from you. Always understand that everything is transient, impermanent. So the more you grip onto something the more you'll be sad when it departs from you.
So think about it, Balanced mind is the key to permanent happiness. 

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